Jul 312014
st jacob 13

Can you see the ‘oddity’ smiling in the mix?



i leave you

with smiles

and a promise

i will return

in two weeks

as i am

off to flirt

with any gorgeous

red headed sunrise

that says ‘hello’

to be seduced amidst

forested skies

i will float

along on a leaf

like farley mowat dead





pointing a finger

He’s got George Clooney’s smile?


st jacob 5


st jacob 6


st jacob 9


st jacob 7

I will call her Tess. Old men pay her for a sweet a smile.


st jacob 11

And what hides behind these two hats? Your correct. Two smiles.


Tom Waits  LONG WAY HOME…….*I’m off for parts unknown, back in two weeks,  give or take.

The Sky Maidens Dance

The Sky Maidens Dance

“What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity, devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter”, Henri Matisse.     Eyes see passion, words only dream of telling. Just as the heart sees colour the brush of the artist can only lust for. Having said that, despite vortexing entrained hesitation,  I am [...]

O'l Yorlick

O’l Yorlick

  Almost a month ago, I spent some time eight hours drive north from where I live in South Western Ontario visiting my brother and his wife in the Temiskaming Shores / Temagami area.  Back home the winter snow was gone, grass was turning green and buds were forming on the trees.  Here, however, two [...]

The World Was Painted By a Mystic's Brush

The World Was Painted By a Mystic’s Brush

   if a Purest, you might want to close your mind as for Puritans, you’re probably already out the door over thirty, step back under five toddle to front put your nose on the canvas and waltz right in, the only cost for admission now spin once, twice, three times, if your not already laying [...]

THIS, morning

THIS, morning

  this morning across the way sunlight floods the plane of sight shadows take up their perspective positions the only thought b e n d reach skyward say, “thank you”     James Taylor     YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND

Seconds from Silence

Seconds from Silence

Vision. Merely a thin film between escape and internment. No tick. No tock. Just six seconds from breaching the silence. An awkward reach high into deep blue. To prick a hole. To lick what drips wet. Before teeming rains of lifelines strike. Gouging fingerprints on a striated cortex. Pleading to question. Is it okay? To [...]

At The Red Dog Saloon

At The Red Dog Saloon

  Don’t tell me am crazy. When leaves begin to resemble Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now or Mel Gibson’s painted face in Brave Heart. Birds of a feather head to the Red Dog Saloon to drown their obsessive sorrows and to keep the blood from curdling.               Good For [...]

Ravens On The Watchtower

Ravens On The Watchtower

  two ravens own the sky before them if only for the moment I could be one you could be the other   above the proving grounds two ravens wait one talks one listens you can be one I can be the other   lost in the poetics of twigs and branches two ravens cling [...]

As We Walk A Choral Forest Sings An Untitled Love Song

As We Walk A Choral Forest Sings An Untitled Love Song

breathless was the breeze that whistled in that night, then wouldn’t leave footsteps fade silver and tarnished in the woods say mother’s words stick to the lane march along march along looking back with eyes closed I see we always walk together roots intertwine, then embrace and I asked “do you remember” “when trees once [...]